Social Mission

Beyond developing products for people and dogs to share, Spot the Dog supports organizations that are also participating in enhancing that connection. One organization in particular, Golden Huggs Rescue, shares the same values as Spot the Dog, and they love dogs just as much as we do - I know, we didn't think it was possible either!

Golden Huggs is a rescue and adoption center based in Vermont, but serves New England and the Northeastern Seaboard, from Maine all the way to Pennsylvania. Golden Huggs saves dogs and places them in homes that will give them a second chance at life with people that will love them and be loved unconditionally.

What makes Golden Huggs so special is the structure of their not-for-profit rescue mission. Golden Huggs relies on a community and network of volunteers in the Northeast and Southern United States to find and place dogs with golden personalities from overpopulated high killshelters. Golden Huggs does not have a stable stream of funding, so we believe it to be a wonderful opportunity to work alongside them and support their efforts.

10% of ALL OF OUR SALES are donated to Golden Huggs.

Give with love, live with love,

Mark Brooks

CEO/ Founder, Spot the Dog