Golden Huggs Rescue

Golden Huggs Rescue


We are partnered with a fantastic rescue organization, Golden Huggs Rescue based right here in Vermont.

We donate 10% of all of our sales towards their amazing and loving efforts with rescuing dogs in need.

Two of our beloved yaff crew members, Bishop and Monk, are both proud golden huggs rescue alumni, and our newest addition to the squad, Andre, is a golden hugglet rescue puppy!

Love wins!

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ABout Golden Huggs

We are a very small group of volunteers who have made it our mission to find loving suitable homes for (otherwise) displaced, abandoned, or stray golden retrievers and golden mixes with our partners in the south.

The goldens have either been relinquished by their owners, found as strays, or abandoned at the shelter door. It is irrelevant to us how they have managed to find themselves at these kill shelters in these circumstances. It is only in their best interest that we try in earnest to get them out.

All of our volunteers have been involved in the rescue and placing of dogs for years. All of our volunteers have worked with reputable rescues in the past. We are committed to doing our part in decreasing the numbers of goldens and golden mixes put down at southern shelters.

Golden Huggs is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. At this time, however, we receive no funding at all. All of our expenses are paid out of pocket. We gladly accept any and all donations and contributions.

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