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Mark Brooks

(CEO/Founder of Spot The Dog®)

Mark is a classically Swiss trained chef, who used his decades of experience and culinary gifts to create a product that doesn't exist anywhere else on the retail market (YAFF Bars®), while also dedicating much of his time to constantly improving and innovating our reflective products and taking care of the HUGE troop of both dogs and farm animals on his and Mary's land in South Hero, Vermont.


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Mary Powell

(Co-Founder of Spot The Dog®/ CEO of Green Mountain Power)

"Our customer and innovation-obsessed leader. Vision is her thing. For our customers, for our employees, for energy, for whatever’s next." (from GMP website) 

Mary founded Spot the Dog in 1994, five years after moving to rural northern Vermont with her dog and being dismayed that there was nothing on the market to protect them during hunting season. Being ever tenacious, Mary decided to have something made herself and went about designing reflective orange vests and collars. Once made she realized this is a product that others MUST HAVE and went about the process of pitching to local stores, local media, and 24 years later we are still saving lives, one dog at a time. 

Little known fact: She is also obsessed with animals and has a pig named Oddball.




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Aidan Powell 

(Media & Marketing / Sales / Product Development for Spot The Dog®) 

Aidan is a dedicated dog lover (and dog-dad to Homer, one of our beloved Yaff Crew rescue dogs), and he has been a big part of the Spot The Dog® story over the past three years.

He runs our social media and web platforms in addition to providing us with his unique insights into product development and marketing strategies. Aidan was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, and currently splits time between working for Spot The Dog and pursuing a budding career in music production and filmmaking.